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Noun1.refabrication - assembling again
reconstruction - the activity of constructing something again
anastylosis - the archeological reassembly of ruined monuments from fallen or decayed fragments (incorporating new materials when necessary)
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Morris also approved refabrication of works that had disappeared.
GHP) from San Bernardino, California was chosen to assist in the refabrication of the Singing Mushrooms.
Frost & Sullivan's related research services include: European Fractional Horse Power and Integrated Horse Power Motors Market, European Mining Machinery Market, European Mechanical Power Transmissions Market, and Repairs and Refabrication Market for Electric Drives.
After finding out about the refabrication from a review, Andre
The public sector's performance is not all bad - witness, for example the road improvements to access the M62 at Edge Lane, Liverpool Land Development Company's strategy for key industrial and commercial sites, the refabrication of St George's Hall and the untiring efforts of numerous other socio-economic a g encies.
The pounds 40,000 restoration project was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and Middlesbrough Council and involved refabrication of elements of the original clock.
MacFarlane on the nineteenth-century refabrication of medieval houses in the Midi; Adam Knobler on St Louis and French political culture; Suzy Beemer on Catherine of Siena and The Story of O; William Calin on medievalism in modern Provencal literature; and Roy Rosenstein on the survival of medieval legends in modern Brazilian poetry.
The practical recycle of a thermoplastic is thus limited primarily by logistical factors since the technology for its refabrication is both well-established and economical.
It is also a process not dependent on the agency of such subjects; one need not participate "willingly" and with conscious deliberation in this refabrication of subjectivity in order for it to take effect (though this is not to suggest that there may not also be an agency active in repeated instances of [re]interpellation).
Unlike a dedicated FMS, which is based on a total refabrication of an entire manufacturing operation, a pallet system can begin with a single machine, and be expanded later into more elaborate systems.
htm), offers its line of MHD-Series precision leveling mounts for the OEM and refabrication markets.