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tr.v. re·fect·ed, re·fect·ing, re·fects Archaic
To refresh with food and drink.

[Latin reficere, refect-, to refresh : re-, re- + facere, to make; see dhē- in Indo-European roots.]


vb (tr)
archaic to restore or refresh (someone or yourself) with food or drink



v.t. Archaic.
to refresh, esp. with food or drink.
[1425–75; < Latin refectus, past participle of reficere to make again, renew =re- re- + -ficere, comb. form of facere to make, do1]
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sertes shown in that table refect total purchases by private business.
Note: Beginning each January, data refect revised population controls and are not strictly comparable with earlier data.
Similar to our study, changes in peripheral oxygen saturation, which refect desaturation, were higher in patients who visited an emergency department.
Because mass media do not refect only the same referential world, but they transmit themselves and the reality that they mythologise, the actuality.
It may refect Solenopsis prevalence on soil and on the plants, it may have prevented that other ant species from climbing on the plants.
This new tool is called the Specification And Requirement Evaluation (SPARE) Tool to refect its more general nature.
This may refect the multiple efforts made to improve early identification of risky alcohol consumption, especially in the primary healthcare system (Colom, Scafato, Segura, Gandin, & Struzzo, 2014; Keurhorst et al.
Many of the reactions of Poles to the work of Jan Gross, starting with Neighbors, continuing with Fear and Golden Harvest, and up to the recent Polish president's (still pending) decision to withdraw from him the Order of Merit bestowed on Gross in 1996, refect such attempts to deflect rensponsibility for collboration with the Nazis and postwar acts of antisemitism.
A Duterte win, which pollsters say is likely, could see for the first time a serious move to change the Philippines Charter to refect a federal form of government.
The subdivisions of the bars refect the individual 6 hour runs; thus, for sections in the 24 hour bar.
Choosing the wrong pond: Social comparisons in negotiations that refect a self-serving bias.
The sample word lists below refect the varying degrees of such assimilation.