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tr.v. re·fect·ed, re·fect·ing, re·fects Archaic
To refresh with food and drink.

[Latin reficere, refect-, to refresh : re-, re- + facere, to make; see dhē- in Indo-European roots.]


vb (tr)
archaic to restore or refresh (someone or yourself) with food or drink



v.t. Archaic.
to refresh, esp. with food or drink.
[1425–75; < Latin refectus, past participle of reficere to make again, renew =re- re- + -ficere, comb. form of facere to make, do1]
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In 5th place, French shipping company Geodis refects the acquisition of OHL, which ranked 7th last year.
This reduction refects the greater increase in pressure and temperature during the compression stroke with CR = 16:1.
This gives an acceptable compromise between large enough trapped mass for good accuracy, and short enough interval so that the data refects blow out of the top of the layer.
This refects a broader issue that in most chapters, any messages that emerge--particularly those of relevance to digital development--are largely the result of the reader's own do-it-yourself analysis: The book lacks and needs a clear, strong chapter that synthesizes the case study experiences on the basis of its core thesis, and deepens them via--for example--analysis through a political economy or institutional theory lens.
For instance, Liebe will naturally be hyphenated Lie-be in song texts, which refects the long [i:] and helps the singer to avoid anticipating the ensuing consonant.
This change in markers refects a battle between the exchanges (NYMEX and ICE) and the index providers (Platts and Argus), and does not represent a dramatic change in the dynamics of the US crude oil market in the medium term.
Here, Tohme refects on the fate of the city's art institutions, which range from pioneering independent space Ashkal Alwan to galleries such as Sfeir-Semler to new private collections-cum-public museums such as the Aishti Foundation; critic KAELEN WILSON-GOLDIE examines artists' engagements with history in the region; and architect HASHIM SARKIS traces the erratic reconstruction of the built environment.
This refects calls to examine different regional groups and their networks of interaction as opposed to states alone.
The reason Amazon sees an advantage in the approach refects their vastly different business models.
This refects an effort across the Corps to assign Soldiers to districts in the acquisition career feld so that they can gain design and construction contracting experience with an emphasis on applying those skills in a contingency environment.