refer back

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w>refer back

(person, remark)sich beziehen (→ to auf +acc)
(= check back, consult again)zurückgehen (to zu)
vt sep (= pass back) decision etczurückgeben (→ to an +acc); case, matterzurückverweisen; he referred me back to youer hat mich an Sie zurückverwiesen
References in classic literature ?
Mr Sampson perceiving his frail bark to be labouring among shoals and breakers, thought it safest not to refer back to any particular thing that he had been told, lest he should refer back to the wrong thing.
The geologist on hearing this will probably refer back in his mind to the Secondary epochs, when lizards, some herbivorous, some carnivorous, and of dimensions comparable only with our existing whales, swarmed on the land and in the sea.
They establish the core interest level of your prospect, and if the answer is positive, then you can refer back to this buy in throughout your presentation.
Many of those [current family] rules just refer back to the civil rules has historically been difficult for our practice area is civil rules would make a change and we're not always aware of it happening in advance or in enough time for us to react.
Because when you look back at your career these are the games you will refer back to and that's the message to the players, not to waste this opportunity.
As operators go up and down aisles to pick assigned cases, they no longer have to refer back to an overhead monitor to register the item that was picked and placed on the conveyor.
Karbala / NINA / The MP, of the / citizen / bloc announced that his bloc with the adoption of open-list system in the elections, adding that we cannot refer back.
Therefore, rather than criticising me for being petty, I would have thought that he would have welcomed the opportunity to refer back to the primary source of my argument.
The committee has however deferred the matter till June, 14 and decided to refer back its recommendations to JC , he pointed out.
The communique also called on all media to refer back to Army Command in confirming news validity.
Following a request from the French competition authority under the EU merger regulation, the European Commission has decided to refer back to it the review of acquisition of joint control by the French railway company SNCF and the Caisse de Depot et de Placement du Quebec (Canada) of the French firms Keolis and EFFIA.
It's something we have to refer back to in case of any allegations that we have.