reference library

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مَكْتَبَة مَراجِع
příruční knihovna
bókasafn meî uppsláttarritum
príručná knižnica
başvuru kitaplığı

reference library

nbiblioteca per la consultazione


(rəˈfəː) past tense, past participle reˈferred verb
(with to).
1. to talk or write (about something); to mention. He doesn't like anyone referring to his wooden leg; I referred to your theories in my last book.
2. to relate to, concern, or apply to. My remarks refer to your last letter.
3. to send or pass on to someone else for discussion, information, a decision etc. The case was referred to a higher law-court; I'll refer you to the managing director.
4. to look for information (in something). If I'm not sure how to spell a word, I refer to a dictionary.
referee (refəˈriː) noun
1. a person who controls boxing, football etc matches, makes sure that the rules are not broken etc. The referee sent two of the players off the field.
2. a person who is willing to provide a note about one's character, ability etc, eg when one applies for new job.
verbpast tense, past participle ˌrefeˈreed
to act as a referee for a match. I've been asked to referee (a football match) on Saturday.
reference (ˈrefərəns) noun
1. (an) act of referring (to something); a mention (of something). He made several references to her latest book; With reference to your request for information, I regret to inform you that I am unable to help you.
2. a note about one's character, ability etc, eg when one applies for a new job. Our new secretary had excellent references from her previous employers.
3. an indication in a book, report etc, showing where one got one's information or where further information can be found.
reference book
a book which is not usually read from beginning to end but which is consulted occasionally for information, eg a dictionary or encyclopaedia.
reference library
a library of books to be looked at for information but not borrowed.

reference, noun, is spelt with -r-.
referred and referring are spelt with -rr-.
References in classic literature ?
Morrison that in addition to his gift of a hundred volumes to the reference library, he intended to celebrate it by offering prizes in English composition, a subject in which he was much interested.
It was the only social center of the garrison beside the strictly military headquarters; it had a billiard room and a bar, and even an excellent reference library for those officers who were so perverse as to take their profession seriously.
This fifth annual City of Toronto career information event will be held at the Toronto Reference Library on Thursday.
The concerts, featuring works by Strauss, Mozart and Brahms, take place at Middlesbrough Reference Library on Thursday, January 7, then Stockton's Preston Park Museum the following night on Friday, January 8.
Birmingham Corporation's ambitious plan was for "a central reference library, with reading and news rooms, a museum and gallery of art, and four district lending libraries with news rooms attached".
Credo Reference, the online reference library, announced that its subscription offering called Credo General Reference Premium now includes 505 titles, with 525 more expected by the end of 2010.
The Complete Book of Colleges 2010 Edition is a 'must' acquisition for any high school or college reference library serious about providing references for students comparing schools.
The original reference library was a nightmare for staff repeatedly climbing cast iron spiral staircases and platforms of shelving to retrieve books.
THE public is being asked for their views on moving Flintshire's reference library and information centre from County Hall to the library at the Daniel Owen centre in Mold.
Doll Values" nicely pairs clear, small color photos with the latest doll values, offers a starting point for building up a reference library, and helps classify different styles and types of dolls.
Procurement and acquisition servers by contracting activity; CBDNet; reference library.
Services offered by the Society (founded 1896) include: more than 200 technical publications; technical and management committee participation; annual Casting Congress and triennial CastExpo; reference library with information retrieval and abstract service; technical field services; industry research; supervisory training; marketing assistance; organization of grass-roots lobbying efforts; and annual issues/action conferences.

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