reference mark

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ref′erence mark`

any of various symbols, as an asterisk (*), dagger (†), or superscript number, used to direct a reader to further information in a footnote, bibliography, or other text.
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and when I was diagnosedand people didn't know what it was he was the person I would reference Mark Taylor
This latest upgrade features IntelliAxis-L, a unique reference mark that leverages Lensar's integrated pre-operative diagnostic capabilities, iris registration, and intraoperative imaging to precisely and permanently identify the location of the steep corneal axis at the capsular plane for intraoperative and postoperative toric IOL alignment.
Therefore, the general problem posed in three-dimensional metrology is the estimate of, the orientation, location and intrinsic parameters of a surface in a reference mark.
Distance Coded Reference Mark With Nominal Increment 1000 X Grating Period,Power Supply Of 5Volts Electrical Connection:- D-Sub Connector,Metal Housing,2 Row Lockingscrew,9 Pin Male,Cable Length-1.
Ablation on flap: As shown in figure 1, a reference mark was placed over the corneal epithelium over the center of pupil.
FMVSS 302 Interpretation Non-combustible DNI(does not ignite) The material does not burn or self goes out when the flame front is no more in contact with the Bunsen burner Auto-extinguishable SE (self-extinguishing) The material burns and the combustion stops before the flame gets over the first reference mark SE/NBR The material burns and stops burning (self-extinguishing less than 60 s after the beginning of /no burn rate) the time keeping and has not burnt over a distance superior to 51mm from the reference mark SE/B The material bums and the flame self-extinguishes between the two reference marks (previous case excluded) Combustible B (burn rate) The combustion crosses the second reference mark TABLE 3.
The final addition is a laser-engraved reference mark to help you out during setup.
However, a stroking phase from the reference mark to the wall was included into the turn segment despite having been reported that the stroking and the turning skills are not directly correlated (Mason and Cossor, 2001).
A pass/fail display that shows the reference mark signal's compliance to momaing tolerances.
This was not the case; the authors reference Mark Girouard to the effect that the main focus of British patronage--and by extension of British collecting--was architecture.
The graph defined the reference mark with the best performance in mass unit proportion among aggregates; or rather, the 50/50 ratio which had the greater mass.