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Zarathustra's habit of designating a whole class of men or a whole school of thought by a single fitting nickname may perhaps lead to a little confusion at first; but, as a rule, when the general drift of his arguments is grasped, it requires but a slight effort of the imagination to discover whom he is referring to.
If Sir Theodore Barville puts it on that footing, the lawyers, even if they do not allow his wife to look at the report, will at least answer any discreet questions she may ask referring to it.
Vanstone began by referring to the long and intimate friendship which had existed between Miss Garth and herself.
He has come across some old manuscripts, or ancient document records, referring to this valley, and they state, according to this article he has written for the magazine, that somewhere in the valley is a wonderful city, traces of which have been found twenty to forty feet below the surface, on which great trees are growing, showing that the city was covered hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago.
The Provincial Minister opposed the referring of the matter to the standing committee and denied any such irregularity in the election of
He drank the cup, referring to the drinking of the cup's contents.
Martin focuses on this aspect of malakos as referring to what in NT times would commonly be considered feminine characteristics.
Business and clinical imaging center executives say the Web-based solution is critical to building revenues, enhancing services to referring physicians and attracting more referrals because it speeds delivery of imaging and reporting results to referring physicians and ties together previously disparate patient data.
In his last public homily in St Peter's in June of 1978, referring to H.
Ask referring colleagues to specify preferences on how to handle patients' status/next steps.
First and foremost, the specialist would keep the referring doctor informed of the progress of the patient management.
1, 2003, and March 1, 2004, were included in the study if they had appropriate data on their referring and discharge obstetricians, years of infertility, and prior usage and number of cycles of clomiphene citrate (CC).