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Sealpod is a patented refillable capsule system that works with Nespresso OriginalLine(TM) machines.
com)-- Prairie City RV will now be providing Flame King 1-lb Refillable Propane Cylinders, which would are convenient and environmentally friendly additions to the equipment sets of Roseville and Folsom RV owners.
Giving users a nicotine without the carbon monoxide, smoke or tar found in traditional tobacco products, Martin Callanan believes, while still harmful, the electronic refillable cigarettes are a preferable alternative to tobacco.
With immediate effect, the price of refillable LPG cylinders of 25 lbs capacity has been brought down from Dh54 to Dh50.
Just last week the Commission announced that restaurants would be banned from serving olive oil in refillable containers to protect consumers from fraud.
Thierry Mugler first launched refillable fragrance bottles more than twenty years ago, but the brand will now feature "refilling stations," called "Sources" (French for "springs") in more than 2,000 of its retail locations throughout France--and at 11,500 retail locations throughout the world.
Specialist plastics packaging business, Petainer, has developed its 'greenest ever' refillable bottle - further improving the sustainability of what is already said to be one of the most environmentally-friendly forms of beverage packaging.
Solution: Use only refillable low or non-toxic ink pens and refillable mechanical pencils, which are made from recycled materials or sustainable biodegradable materials.
The WetTask[R] Disinfecting and Sanitizing Refillable Wiping System from Kimberly-Clark Professional consists of a high-density polyethylene bucket with a patented dispensing port.
Pocket power For cell phones and other portable electronics, researchers field-tested prototypes of tiny, refillable fuel cells expected to last much longer than today's batteries (162: 155 *).
With the focus firmly on disposable and refillable, Ronson developed a design-led, contemporary lighter that gives quality and value for money -- the V2000.