refined sugar

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Noun1.refined sugar - a white crystalline carbohydrate used as a sweetener and preservativerefined sugar - a white crystalline carbohydrate used as a sweetener and preservative
caramelized sugar, caramel - burnt sugar; used to color and flavor food
lump sugar - refined sugar molded into rectangular shapes convenient as single servings
loaf sugar, sugar loaf, sugarloaf - a large conical loaf of concentrated refined sugar
cane sugar - sugar from sugarcane used as sweetening agent
granulated sugar - sugar in the form of small grains
beet sugar - sugar from sugar beets used as sweetening agent
corn sugar - dextrose used as sweetening agent
brown sugar - unrefined or only partly refined sugar
sweetener, sweetening - something added to foods to make them taste sweeter
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LMC surveyed retail refined sugar prices in 49 countries, accounting for approximately 80 percent of world sugar consumption.
Currently there are three types of raw crystal sugar circulating on the domestic market namely raw sugar directly produced from cane, refined sugar produced in sugar mill using raw sugar as the feedstock and white sugar processed directly from sugar cane with carbonization process.
Sugar factories in Indonesia generally process canes into refined sugar through a one-stage processing system, turning out a product that can be readily consumed by users.
The company will have annual refined sugar production exceeding two million tons and annual revenues in excess of $1 billion.
VanDriessche said, "While wholesale refined sugar prices during 1997-2001 have averaged nearly 4 cents per pound less than in 1996, grocers have charged an average of almost 2 cents per pound more for refined sugar during this same period.
Wholesale refined sugar prices are down -- way down," Busch said.
is a major producer of TiO2, refined sugar, MDF and other products.
Valhi's third quarter sales were up 9 percent, to $233 million, in large part due to higher refined sugar volumes in conjunction with the end of the sugar crop year.
As the sole sugar processor in Western Canada, Rogers supplies over 90% of the demand for refined sugar in that region.
The action is in response to a weakened credit profile resulting from an industry supply imbalance, depressed refined sugar prices, and unusually poor weather conditions.
The key to real success is to find a product that does not have refined sugar or caffeine, but at the same time is something kids actually want so that the desperately needed school funding is not sacrificed.
headquartered in Dallas, is a diversified industrial management company engaged in the refined sugar, forest products, fast food and hardware products industries.