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1. reflection.
2. reflective.
3. reflex.
4. reflexive.
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Abbreviations: Abbreviations used in this article (not spelled out within it): 1, 2, 3 first, second, third person, ACC accusative, COND conditional, DAT dative, DET determiner, f feminine, GEN genitive, m masculine, NEG negative, NOM nominative, OBL oblique, pl plural, PP past participle, PRES present, PROG progressive, Q question particle, REFL reflexive, s singular.
PAST Recent past REFL Reflexive REM Remote past REP Repetitive REU Reported evidence unknown S Subject (of an intransitive clause) SG Singular SU Subject T Theme of a ditransitive verb TR Transitive TWD Toward XY Verb class (Burushaski) Y Verb class (Burushaski)
ergative F feminine GEN genitive INDEF indefinite LOC locative MASC masculine NEG negation NOM nominative PAST past tense PL plural POSS possessive PRED predicate PRES present tense PROG progressive RECIP reciprocal REFL