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tr.v. re·flagged, re·flag·ging, re·flags
To give a new registered nationality to (a ship or aircraft).


vb (tr)
(Nautical Terms) to change the national flag of or change the registered nationality of (a ship, aircraft, etc), for example for military protection, or to avoid certain rules


v.t. -flagged, -flag•ging.
to register (a foreign ship) so that it flies the flag of the registering nation and thereby comes under the latter's protection.
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In August 2014, The group will take over management of the resort and will reflag and launch the hotel in September 2015 as Shangri-La's Le Touessrok Resort & Spa, Mauritius after a renovation.
The group will take over management of the resort in August and plans to reflag and launch the hotel as Shangri-La's Le Touessrok Resort & Spa, Mauritius in September next year following a renovation, said a statement.
They urged the departments of State and Treasury to seriously consider sanctioning registries that knowingly participate in efforts to reflag oil tankers and cargo tankers operated by NITC and the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Line, or IRISL.
The US ambassador to Malta, Gina Abercombie-Winstanley, told the US Senate foreign relations committee that representatives of the Maltese government had assured her they "have taken some steps in the recent past, including agreeing not to reflag any additional Iranian ships, so they will not be reflagging new Iranian ships.
Locate the utilities in the yard, find the boundary wire, and reflag for a new dog, program our Pet Stop Collar to work on any dog fence.
Shippers often reflag their vessels to streamline regulatory control and documentation procedures, reduce tax obligations to their native governments, or to facilitate entrance into foreign harbors, a procedure also pursued by Iran.
The BCT will reflag next September as the 2d Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, bringing all Fort Riley units under the 1st Infantry Division.
Ships officers were last night still barracaded on board the MV Isle of Inishmore in Pembroke in protest over plans to reflag its ships outside Ireland.
The bill would impose sanctions on anyone who helps Iran reflag its vessels.
Once a contract is signed for vessel construction, cruise operators can reflag a foreign-built vessel and operate it in U.
Greater access to southern bluefin would also encourage investment in the fishery and would provide a great incentive for foreign flagged long-line vessels to reflag to South Africa, and;
Most recently, she oversaw the expansion of The James brand in Miami and the launch of The James Royal Palm Miami-South Beach, after a $50 Million renovation and reflag of this historic property.