reflect on

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w>reflect (up)on

vi +prep objetwas aussagen über (+acc); person alsoein gutes/schlechtes Licht werfen auf (+acc); motives, reasons alsoin gutem/schlechtem Licht erscheinen lassen; reputation, sb’s honoursich auswirken auf (+acc); (unfavourably) → schaden (+dat), → ein schlechtes Licht werfen auf (+acc)
References in classic literature ?
I awoke rejoicing, and began to reflect on the glorious career before me.
And thus when I reflect on this, I am almost tempted to say that in my heart I repent of having adopted this profession of knight-errant in so detestable an age as we live in now; for though no peril can make me fear, still it gives me some uneasiness to think that powder and lead may rob me of the opportunity of making myself famous and renowned throughout the known earth by the might of my arm and the edge of my sword.
I saw an insurmountable barrier placed between me and my fellow men; this barrier was sealed with the blood of William and Justine, and to reflect on the events connected with those names filled my soul with anguish.