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The ratio of the total amount of radiation, as of light, reflected by a surface to the total amount of radiation incident on the surface.


(rɪˈflɛktəns) or

reflection factor

(Units) a measure of the ability of a surface to reflect light or other electromagnetic radiation, equal to the ratio of the reflected flux to the incident flux. Symbol: ρ Compare transmittance, absorptance


(rɪˈflɛk təns)

the ratio of the intensity of reflected radiation to that of the radiation incident on a surface.
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Noun1.reflectance - the fraction of radiant energy that is reflected from a surface
coefficient - a constant number that serves as a measure of some property or characteristic
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This microstructure has been found to transform a transparent film into an opaque film with high diffused reflectance.
This study found when floor reflectance is changed from 10 percent to 60 percent, the luminance levels in a corridor could increase as high as 30 percent while the magnitude in an empty classroom space could be as high as 45 percent.
She was able to explain the importance of studying under the correct color temperature, as well as the best type of lighting to use and recommended light reflectance values, and won fourth place.
The variations in the reflectance values of the different samples were analyzed using the General Linear Model.
We examined the possibility of using soil nutrient concentration, photosynthetic gas-exchange and hyperspectral reflectance responses of ambrosia dumosa leaves as a proxy to determine if air pollution is resulting in unnatural fertilization of the Mojave region.
The guide includes performance specifications with data for dry film thickness, post-cure pencil hardness, solar reflectance, salt-spray and humidity resistance, accelerated weathering, and outdoor exposure.
Reflectance, which has seven employees, is the work of Babs Soller, the daughter of an entrepreneur who decided at a young age that she liked the idea of doing medical research for a pharmaceutical company.
Thermx PCT provides superior colour and reflectance stability under heat and light compared to commonly used high temperature polyamides.
com)-- Gamma Scientific, pioneers in light measurement for over 50 years, will be showcasing their new Display Reflectance Spectrophotometer System at the Society for Information Display's Display Week 2012.
In the first step, spectral measurements of normal-hemispherical longwave reflectance and transmittance were obtained for fabrics by using a commercially available infrared reflectometer (Surface Optics Corporation 2002).
The combined system of fluorescence and reflectance uses the body's natural tissue properties as an adjunctive tool for oral mucosal examination.
Selim Unlu from Boston University's Electrical and Computer Engineering Department has developed the "Interferometric Reflectance Imaging Sensor" (IRIS) which can detect multiple viruses in a single blood sample instead of running numerous expensive and time-consuming tests to determine each disease-causing virus found in the blood.