coefficient of reflection

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Noun1.coefficient of reflection - the fraction of radiant energy that is reflected from a surface
coefficient - a constant number that serves as a measure of some property or characteristic
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Although maximizing the directivity is the main objective of this work, maintaining low reflection coefficient is also another necessary objective.
Reflection Coefficient as a function of acoustic impedance can be served as a strong parameter in determination of lithology and its compactness (Sheriff, 1999).
Air]), the reflection coefficient between them is close to 1 (in magnitude), so all the energy is reflected back to the transducer, therefore the received echo is the incident wave at the water surface distance.
To truly remove the effects of the error block and accurately measure the DUT, you must correct for both the forward and reverse transmission and reflection coefficients of the error block.
The reflection coefficient due to a 2-dimensional curved wavefront is determined from examination of the canonical problem of a line source above a material slab.
8 [micro]m wavelength for the reflection coefficient (Tables A1 and A3).
46 GHz) with a reflection coefficient < -10 dB and mutual coupling minimization of < -20 dB.
More importantly than all of that, the reflection coefficient, transmission coefficient and AR curves of Ant.
The resistor values are calculated such that the reflection coefficients of the even- and odd-mode have the same zeros.
The real and imaginary parts of the reflection coefficient are [[GAMMA].
Simulated reflection coefficients of homogeneous and non-homogeneous dielectric constants are shown in Table 1.