coefficient of reflection

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Noun1.coefficient of reflection - the fraction of radiant energy that is reflected from a surface
coefficient - a constant number that serves as a measure of some property or characteristic
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1]) of the soil plug and the reflection coefficient ([sigma]) were obtained according to the equation of Malusis and Shackelford (2002) and Malusis et al.
8 [micro]m wavelength for the reflection coefficient (Tables A1 and A3).
By developing a model that related the shield-open fixture's measured reflection coefficient to the complex permittivity of the dielectric material within the fixture, they were able to measure the dielectric properties of liquids and soils as a function of frequency.
L]) can then be determined from the reflection coefficient via
an equal even/odd contribution to the reflection coefficient pair.
First, in section 2 the solution to the robust reflection coefficient assignment problem has been provided for discrete-time SISO linear systems.
The attenuation and reflection coefficient are calculated by using the equations 1 and 2 are correlated with surface roughness of the workpiece.
Reflected light is calculated by multiplying the reflection coefficient and the amount of incident light.
For growing plants the 'effectiveness' of the osmotic suction of the soil solution is formulated by a reflection coefficient, [sigma].
The FMIN keyword allows optimization of minimum noise figure for a two-port linear circuit, and the GOPT keyword allows optimization of optimum reflection coefficient (to achieve FMIN).
Since the fiber end face is cleaved perpendicular to its axis, the reflection coefficient is given by Fresnel laws.
The reflection coefficient method is numerically fast and stable to generate stable polynomials [19] and it gives a simple and efficient approach to construct fixed-structure stabilizing controllers [18].