reflection factor

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Noun1.reflection factor - the fraction of radiant energy that is reflected from a surface
coefficient - a constant number that serves as a measure of some property or characteristic
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The correlation coefficient with Kember's reflection factor was 0.
By taking account of the effect of the ground reflection on the shape of the return stroke current, Equation (2) can be converted into Equation (3) whereby the reflected current is propagated along the lightning channel at the speed of light in free space and the original reflected currents are controlled by the return stroke front, whereas the reflected current (the second term of Equation (3)) is strongly dependent on the ground reflection factor [20].
The five remaining statements loaded on a second, Intellect Oriented Reflection factor (eigenvalue = 2.
For convenience in analyses, the absorption coefficient is defined in terms of sound pressure reflection factor R of the absorber interface, namely
An ad may be deemed successful if certain reflection factors move even though there is no evidence or logic to link the reflection factor to consumer behavior.
Beware of the reflection factor from water, concrete, sand and snow, which intensifies the radiation
Beware of the reflection factor - water, concrete, sand, snow etc will intensify the radiation.
3 coaxial interface to CECC 22230 with a typical reflection factor of <0.
Uses the light reflection factor to give skin a glow.
Prematching at a single frequency consists of adding two reflection factor vectors at the right phase to generate a larger one, as shown in Figure 2.
We excluded the Doppler function and included the algorithm which estimates visibility from radar reflection factor.

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