reflective power

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Noun1.reflective power - the ratio of reflected to incident light
ratio - the relative magnitudes of two quantities (usually expressed as a quotient)
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Such being the case, it would have been truly absurd to exact from them much in the way of mental exertion; having short memories, dense intelligence, feeble reflective powers, they recoiled with repugnance from any occupation that demanded close study or deep thought.
One of the main added benefits of this paradigm lies precisely in its potential for change--giving power and competencies to act, through its reflective power over action, feelings and representations.
They should be correctly designed and selected to withstand the reflective power, and also have a little bit of margin built into them so that when the power divider goes through some of the temperature extremes, it will still perform without failing," he says.
Maximum power to the chamber is achieved in seconds with a proprietary algorithm that constantly measures forward and reflective power inside the chamber.
Users are accustomed to this with halogen lights, but now it is available via LED reflective power technology, which provides enhanced clarity and focus with less power draw.