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1. The study of reflex responses, especially as they affect behavior.
2. A method of massage that relieves tension through the application of finger pressure, especially to the feet.

re′flex·ol′o·gist n.


[ˌriːfleksˈɒlədʒɪst] nréflexologue mf
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A young rebel returnee is training to become a soldier while another looks forward to earning a living as a reflexologist.
Beyond not wanting to infect your reflexologist, you don't want to over-stimulate the body when it's already stressed.
REFLEXOLOGY is a complementary holistic healing therapy that works your whole body system through your feet and also, on occasion, through your hands," explains trained reflexologist Sharon Walker.
A Certified Reflexologist and a Certified Energy Healing Practitioner, Duminiak has volunteered her time and skills to hospice and cancer patients, for women in crisis pregnancies shelters, and for women transitioning from substance abuse shelters.
The business is the brainchild of Nicola Forshaw, a clinical hypnotherapist and advanced reflexologist who has been practising since 2010 before deciding to set up her new business.
And according to NYC reflexologist Deborah Flanagan, foot reflexology has incredible powers of healing the entire body through the use of pressure points.
Her mother Alison, a reflexologist, left her own online tribute, writing: "Thank you so much to everyone for all their wonderful words about Lauren.
BOOST Reflexologist Irene Hume meets prince yesterday
Doctor Carol Samuel, a reflexologist and co-author of the report on the findings, says: "As we predicted, reflexology decreased pain sensations.
Mary Anderson, Hilmar, California, says simple treatments (15 minutes every two or three weeks) by a licensed and certified reflexologist work wonders for heading off her migraines.
Bensouilah is an acupuncturist, reflexologist and practitioner of Chinese medicine based in Surrey, England.
She quickly began having regular sessions - and was so impressed by the results she decided to become a reflexologist herself.