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refraction of light
i: angle of incidence
r: angle of refraction


1. The deflection of a wave, such as a light or sound wave, when it passes obliquely from one medium into another having a different index of refraction.
2. Astronomy The apparent change in position of a celestial object caused by the bending of light rays as they enter Earth's atmosphere.
3. Medicine
a. The ability of the eye to bend light so that an image is focused on the retina.
b. Determination of this ability in an eye.

re·frac′tion·al, re·frac′tive adj.
re·frac′tive·ly adv.
re·frac′tive·ness, re′frac·tiv′i·ty (rē′frăk-tĭv′ĭ-tē) n.
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Noun1.refractivity - the physical property of a medium as determined by its index of refraction
bending, deflexion, deflection - the property of being bent or deflected


n. refractividad, habilidad de refractar.
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where X1: LUMO-HOMO energy (au), X2: Rotatable bonds, X3: Vertex distance/equality, X4: Vertex distance/magnitude, X5: Kappa-1, X6: weight %C, XI: Molecular refractivity, X8: Atomic composition (total), X9: Dipole moment (au), X10: S_sN[H.
Medical refractometers designed for human samples use a reference scale based on human urine refractivity and USG.
Log P, MV= molar volume, MR= molar Refractivity and [pi] = value for Particular Substituent No.
1) Electro-optical crystal:A crystal whose optical refractivity varies with the intensity of terahertz waves incident upon it.
The model so selected depended on its correlation with wet refractivity index value, and meteorological conditions, i.