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There is a refreshment room just on the left," the station-master remarked, ringing violently at a telephone.
D'Artagnan, on his return, sent the twelve bottles of wine to the refreshment room of the Guards, with strict orders that great care should be taken of it; and then, on the day appointed, as the dinner was fixed for midday D'Artagnan sent Planchet at nine in the morning to assist in preparing everything for the entertainment.
D'Artagnan rushed toward the refreshment room, the three Musketeers and the two Guards following him.
There were two flies waiting, two porters, a bookstall, and a refreshment room with a neglected beauty pining behind the bar.
Leo Hunter professed her perfect willingness to recite the ode again, her kind and considerate friends wouldn't hear of it on any account; and the refreshment room being thrown open, all the people who had ever been there before, scrambled in with all possible despatch-- Mrs.
Tenders are invited for Provision Of Upper Class Waiting Hall, Clock Room Duly Rebuilding/ Renovating The Existing Vegetarian Refreshment Room And Providing Non Slippery Pathway To Disable Person At Davangere (Adarsha Station)
They ran a refreshment room nearby in Victoria Road but an argument erupted when Mary refused to allow Spicer to have his name on the license.
A few days before the opening of Small Heath Park on April 5, 1879, the "Birmingham Daily Post" reported that it possessed a refreshment room and "a capital boating pool" with two islands, a bridge and water fowl that was filled from a bore hole in the park.
Atmospheric recreation of a refreshment room in a Great Western Railway terminus, this is the gateway to the Severn Valley Railway.
There was obviously a market for this kind of refreshment room from the growing middle classes in the last decades before the Great War.
11:30 THE stars get tea and coffee from a cupboard-sized refreshment room and write their lunch orders on a list on the wall (most go for the beef curry).
Built over 15,000 m2, the building will comprise a meeting room seating 250 people, an academic hall, a library, an IT room and a refreshment room.