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tr.v. re·frig·er·at·ed, re·frig·er·at·ing, re·frig·er·ates
1. To cool or chill (a substance).
2. To preserve (food) by chilling.

[Latin refrīgerāre, refrīgerāt- : re-, re- + frīgerāre, to make cool (from frīgus, frīgor-, coldness).]

re·frig′er·a′tion n.
re·frig′er·a′tive, re·frig′er·a·to′ry (-ər-ə-tôr′ē) adj.
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The cold storage capacity in China was 61,373,900 cubic meters in 2009, chiefly covering the capacity of freezing refrigeratory and cooling refrigeratory.
With the implementation of the Planning and the increasing concern of Chinese consumers about food safety, the demand for cold chain will see rapid growth in China in the future, which will urge enterprises to speed up the purchase of refrigerated trucks and refrigerated containers as well as the construction of refrigeratory, thus spurring investments in related industries.