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v. re·fu·eled, re·fu·el·ing, re·fu·els also re·fu·elled or re·fu·el·ling
To supply again with fuel.
To take on a fresh supply of fuel.
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Noun1.refueling - the activity of supplying or taking on fuelrefueling - the activity of supplying or taking on fuel
supplying, provision, supply - the activity of supplying or providing something
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Known as V-22 Aerial Refueling System (VARS), the system will utilize Cobham's existing FR300 Hose Drum Unit with some modifications.
Bringing the KC-46A online is an important step in recapitalizing a tanker fleet that has been a leader in air refueling for more than five decades," Chief of Staff Gen.
The Japanese government is planning to submit a bill to the Diet this summer to deploy Maritime Self-Defense Force tankers for the refueling of foreign vessels engaged in antipiracy operations in waters off Somalia, government sources said Wednesday.
Air Force aerial refueling tankers explode while in the midst of in-flight refueling and crash near Honolulu, Hawaii.
And with that, the era of aerial refueling was ushered in, an era that would quickly evolve and become one of the most significant contributors to air power and air superiority for America's Air Force.
However, the Air Force conventional variant is being designed with a different aerial refueling method than those used by the two other JSF variants.
According to Honda, HES II is the further evolution of a joint development effort by the automaker and Plug Power to produce a home refueling unit that provides hydrogen from natural gas for vehicle refueling, heat for domestic hot water use and electricity for the home.
The Yankees and sister HAG squadrons flew numerous fixed-wing aerial refueling (FWAR) missions in support of Operation Southern Watch, provided AOR lift for the First Marine Expeditionary Force (I MEF), and supported Task Force Tarawa with training sorties.
It's a quick way to tell you when to stop refueling.
Matters relating to a cashless refueling unleaded gasoline Pb 95, diesel and LPG vehicles business SP ZOZ WSPR in Bialystok serving ZPD, points stationing, located in business trips around the country and refueling / w fuel when closed is a Petrol Station SP Health Care WSPR in Bialystok, ul.