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 (rĭ-fŭnd′, rē′fŭnd′)
v. re·fund·ed, re·fund·ing, re·funds
To give back, especially money; return or repay: refunded the purchase price.
To make repayment.
n. (rē′fŭnd′)
1. A repayment of funds.
2. An amount repaid.

[Middle English refunden, from Old French refunder, from Latin refundere : re-, re- + fundere, to pour; see gheu- in Indo-European roots.]

re·fund′a·ble adj.
re·fund′er n.
re·fund′ment n.
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The false cash refunder, an unfaithful employee, plies his or her trade when the staff is short, he or she is alone, the manager is away, or others are on vacation or sick.
Advance Ross Corporation's primary business is Europe Tax-free Shopping AB, the world's leading refunder of value-added taxes (VAT), serving travelers shopping at more than 70,000 retail outlets in Europe with 3,000 refund points.
We're very pleased that TeleBank has chosen to pilot the ATM Refunder through an advertising campaign on Yahoo