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1. Of or relating to a monarch; royal.
2. Belonging to or befitting a monarch: regal attire.
3. Magnificent; splendid.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin rēgālis, from rēx, rēg-, king; see reg- in Indo-European roots.]

re·gal′i·ty (rĭ-găl′ĭ-tē) n.
re′gal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.regally - in a regal manner; "a regally appropriate representative"
بصورةٍ ملوكيَّه
krallara/kraliçelere lâyık bir şekilde


[ˈriːgəlɪ] ADVregiamente (pej) → con pompa regia


advköniglich; sayhoheitsvoll


[ˈriːgəlɪ] advregalmente


(ˈriːgəl) adjective
of, like, or suitable for, a king or queen. She has a regal appearance; regal robes.
regally adverb
References in classic literature ?
In the other house old Carvil, wallowing regally in his arm-chair, with a globe lamp burning by his side on the table, yelled for her, in a fiendish voice: "Bessie
I am sure my mother's feet were ettling to be ben long before they could be trusted, and that the moment after she was left alone with me she was discovered barefooted in the west room, doctoring a scar (which she had been the first to detect) on one of the chairs, or sitting on them regally, or withdrawing and re-opening the door suddenly to take the six by surprise.
Majestic and terrible, regally careless of his surroundings, the king of beasts strode down the beaten trail.
Not exactly regally lovely, of course--it wouldn't do, I suppose, for a minister to have a regally lovely wife, because it might set a bad example.
It was virtually a telly shaadi in store for the duo after Geeta regally entered the stage on a palanquin.
It is simply that his more vaunted stablemates have been so disappointing as to catapult this regally bred colt into market prominence for the premier Classic.
Dismayed that her regally named husband King Simon has become a republican (eh?
Summary: Dressed in loose-fitting black clothes and a bright red waistcoat, Cesar Carazo waves an arm regally as he regales the audience with a 15th-century song by Spanish composer Juan del Enzina.
Instead of just tipping his nose towards the correct placard, our camel clairvoyant took it in his mouth and paraded it regally, appearing to extend his neck with pride.
WE were regally done over by the draw in the Victoria Cup but shouldn't have that problem in the coral.
I was so delighted and thrilled to see, Her arrive at the Olympic Park very regally, After two parachutes had fallen from the sky, You could hear a pin drop and many a sigh.
On song after song, Manowar rocks out in a regally classic manner, with crushing guitars, thunderous percussion and soaring vocals.