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1. Of or relating to a large geographic region.
2. Of or relating to a particular region or district.
3. Of or affecting a region of the body: regional pain.
4. Of or characteristic of a form of a language that is distributed in identifiable geographic areas and differs in pronunciation, grammar, or vocabulary from the standard form.
Something, such as a magazine or a company branch, that serves a region: "earlier attempts to launch glossy regionals for women" (Business Week).

re′gion·al·ly adv.
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Adv.1.regionally - in a regional manner; "regionally governed"
bölgesel olarak


[ˈriːdʒənlɪ] adv (vary) → da regione a regione; (collaborate, manage) → regionalmente; (based, organized) → a livello regionale


(ˈriːdʒən) noun
a part of a country, the world etc. Do you know this region well?; in tropical regions.
ˈregional adjective
regional variations in speech.
ˈregionally adverb
in the region of
about; around; near. The cost of the new building will be somewhere in the region of $200,000.
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LAHORE -- All Pakistan Mills Association (APTMA) Chairman Aamir Fayyaz has demanded a domestically equal and regionally competitive energy price to revive $4 billion closed capacity.
Summary: Targeted at hosting a community of pioneers in technology and innovation locally, regionally and globally
Summary: Lebanon ranked 105th globally and 12th regionally out of 13 MENA countries in the Global Competitiveness Report 2017-2018 published by the World Economic Forum.
national platform of regionally focussed IT infrastructure firms, has finalised the acquisition of Canada-based information technology hardware provider Northern Micro, Inc.
The evaluation depended on the potential prevalence of the companies globally and regionally.
Boosts the private sector in order to contribute to sustainable and inclusive growth and job creation, both regionally and sub-regionally
Among main objectives of the award is to encourage experts and researchers, locally and regionally, to conduct applied scientific research to develop sports movement and improve the level of performance in all areas of sports.
Other business worries recorded by R3 included the introduction of quarterly tax reporting (16% of businesses in the region against 19% nationally); the digitalisation of tax reporting (10% regionally and 11% nationally); the introduction of Universal Credit (1% regionally and 7% nationally); and the introduction of an Apprenticeship Levy (2% regionally and 6% nationally).
The future partnership will also lead to accelerated trade and investment in innovative green technologies regionally and internationally.
Saudi Arabia ranks third in the world in terms of tax payments by companies and individuals, and second regionally for setting up small and medium enterprises.
32 per unit from December 12 urged the PM to announce special textile industry tariff to enable it to compete regionally without any further delay.
This union between two wellestablished and highly respected organisations will see support for industry bolstered, both nationally and regionally.

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