registered mail

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Reg·is·tered Mail

A trademark for a method of mail delivery that is closely monitored by the postal service to assure the mail arrives at its destination safely.
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Noun1.registered mail - mail that is registered by the post office when sent in order to assure safe delivery
mail - the bags of letters and packages that are transported by the postal service
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These shipments are machine-readable and machine-capable; (6) registered mail: Registered mail is a reportable consignment which is handed over in formats (1) to (4).
It noted that Gutierrez was notified of the findings in 2014, and twice earlier this year through registered mail and courier service.
Whereas the result cards of the private candidates have been sent through registered mail on their respective addresses.
The Form of Acceptance and Transfer and related terms and conditions have been sent by registered mail to all Tamweel's shareholders.
The A4 album will be 10 days and we will ship all the products via registered mail to ensure we can track it.
8220;Using advances in USPS technology, we've automated and streamlined Registered Mail for our users,” said TransGuardian CEO Jim Moseley.
aACAo Registered mail - On the sender's request, a signature will be obtained from the addressee as proof of delivery.
In my case, I sent registered mail submitting my claims, with all documentary proof, to the liquidator right after they were announced to be in charge of the process.
The letter was delivered to the ministry via registered mail, an unusual diplomatic response, after the ministry refused to receive it in person from a South Korean diplomat on the previous day.
According to a report in The Times from a few days after the disaster: "All five completely disregarded their own safety when the vessel struck and began to carry the 200 sacks of registered mail to the upper deck.
Registered SMS allows companies to send customers confirmation text messages that have the same legal standing as registered mail.
The company, which is the exclusive producer of United States Postal Service brand mail and ship products sold in more than 25,000 retail locations, plans to launch a pilot program shortly to test the concept, which would combine a drop box for letters and parcels with an ATM-like terminal where customers can buy postage and handle other transactions, including sending registered mail.

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