registered representative

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Noun1.registered representative - someone in charge of a client's account for an advertising agency or brokerage or other service businessregistered representative - someone in charge of a client's account for an advertising agency or brokerage or other service business
bourgeois, businessperson - a capitalist who engages in industrial commercial enterprise
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The last thing I would like to mention is whether or not an existing registered representative should "give up and park" their registration and just sell FIAs and other fixed products.
Debbie Missiaen is also a Registered Representative through H.
Renee Brown, Wildwood Wealth Management, was re-elected to serve a two-year term as a registered representative on the Board of Directors.
Seth Botone, formerly a registered representative at Barron Moore, who was charged with selling over 6.
The claim contends that prior to MSC breaching its duty to supervise its registered representative, an SEC Bulletin specifically warned broker-dealers, like MSC, with small, remote offices, of the continuing need for unannounced onsite inspections to fulfill their supervisory responsibilities.
12 /PRNewswire/ -- Two hundred teddy bears were donated to pediatric medical facilities in Texas during the "Share a Bear" pilot program - a program developed by ING Financial Advisers, LLC to help their registered representatives give something back to their communities and help children in difficult situations.
Securities offered through Registered Representatives, ePLANNING Securities, Inc.
a member of the National Life Group, will co-market Phoenix's variable annuity products, including flexible premium deferred variable annuities and a single premium immediate variable annuity, through Equity Services' registered representatives.
I am always searching for the best situation for my clients, and I have not been able to find anything better than FTJ FundChoice, LLC," said Tom Olson, Investment Advisor Representative, Registered Representative with Brecek and Young.
Dunn began his career as a registered representative at Fidelity Investments in Boston in 1985 before moving to San Francisco to take a regional sales position at Charles Schwab & Co.

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