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abbr. Bible


1. radiotelephone
2. respiratory therapy


abbreviation for


abbreviation for
1. (Telecommunications) radio telegraphy
2. (Telecommunications) radio telephony
3. (Communications & Information) retweet




right tackle.
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Graduates of this 2-year program will be awarded an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Radiologic Technology and are eligible to make application to the American Registry of Radiologic Technology in order to become a Registered Technologist Radiographer.
generously sponsors a travel scholarship to the annual meeting to a randomly selected newly registered technologist.
As of July 1, 2009, all AASM-accredited centers must have at least one registered technologist on staff and all others must be in a training program such as A-STEP.
The ethics rules have a provision where a registered technologist has a duty to report a suspected ethical violation, according to Rule 21:
Ethics Rule 19--"making a false statement or knowingly providing false information to ARRT"--and Rule 21--"knowing of a violation or a probable violation of any Rule of Ethics by any Registered Technologist and failing to promptly report in writing the same to ARRT"--also govern conduct related to continuing education.
Also a registered technologist, Feaski has a degree from Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
The most frequent responder was a white (96%) female (94%) registered technologist certified in BD (79%) and employed in an outpatient facility (52%).
On the same wall is another certificate, with a blue and gold registry pin that reads "American Society of X-ray Technicians," qualifying me as a registered technologist in radiation therapy, certificate #T-83, dated January 1, 1965.
Although the student is ready for semi-independent work, a registered technologist must be immediately available to the student.

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