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(ˈri dʒi əs, -dʒəs)

1. of or belonging to a king.
2. (of a British professor) holding a chair founded by or dependent on the sovereign.
[< Latin rēgius, adj. derivative of rēx, s. rēg- king]


[ˈriːdʒjəs] ADJ (Brit) (Univ) → regio
References in classic literature ?
1] Edward Bouverie Pusey (1800-1882), champion of the orthodoxy of revealed religion, defender of the Oxford movement, and Regius professor of Hebrew and Canon of Christ Church, Oxford.
You, a man who should have been Regius Professor at a great University with a thousand students all revering you.
He was, it appeared, a Regius Professor and the author of some half-dozen works on sociology--a record, Owen felt, that almost justified loaf-slinging and earhole clipping in moments of irritation.
Even before he graduated BA from University College Oxford in 1768, the 22-year-old Jones applied for the Regius Chair of Modern History and Languages, worth PS400 a year.
Sir Christopher Pissarides , Regius Professor of Economics, London School of Economics
Nigel Biggar, is Regius Professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology and Director of the McDonald Centre for Theology, Ethics and Public Life at the University of Oxford.
The first 100 days of a Tory government would also see the start of a drive to recruit 360,000 new apprentices by the end of the parliament and work begin towards creating new Regius Professorships to highlight excellence in Yorkshire's universities, including Huddersfield University.
And he will pledge to back Midland universities by creating more Regius Professorships - a highlyprestigious academic post which was restricted to Oxford, Cambridge, or top universities in Scotland or Ireland, until recently.
Tenders are invited for Amc For Cr Systems Regius 190 Drypro 793 Camera Available At Sccl Hospitals For A Period Of Two Years
Professor Lee Cronin, Regius Professor of Chemistry at the University of Glasgow, led the research team.
Auto Business News-November 12, 2014--Toyota recalls Hiace, Regius Ace, Dyna, Crown and Crown Majesta in Japan
Another recall covers 105,800 Hiace and Regius Ace vehicles, mainly