Being a specified year of a monarch's reign calculated from the date of accession: in her 12th regnal year.

[Medieval Latin rēgnālis, royal, from Latin rēgnum, reign; see reign.]


1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) of a sovereign, reign, or kingdom
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) designating a year of a sovereign's reign calculated from the date of his or her accession
[C17: from Medieval Latin rēgnālis, from Latin rēgnum sovereignty; see reign]


(ˈrɛg nl)

of or pertaining to a sovereign, sovereignty, or reign: the second regnal year of Louis XIV.
[1605–15; < Medieval Latin rēgnālis= Latin rēgn(um) rule, kingdom + -ālis -al1; compare reign]
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Regnal names, or the names kings take upon assuming the throne or add to their name later in their reign, are a species of propaganda.
The Accumulator Quiz QUESTION 1 - for 1 point: If Prince William eventually becomes UK monarch what will be his regnal title?
The latter graffito is interesting since it is dated to the 'fourth regnal year of Aurelian', thus recognizing the Roman importance in the region (Fontes no.
The Judahite regnal year began in the fall, while the Israelite regnal year began in the spring.
In a first-person text, he recalls his doings during his first six regnal years (858-853 BCE), each featuring the military campaign that was the regular activity of the annual spring fighting season.
However, in this case, and since Jewish regnal years commenced on 1 Nisan, (16) that would mean that Herod's first year began around the time of the vernal equinox in the spring of 36 BC, and if Herod died in the 34th year of his reign thereafter, he would have died in 3 BC or even 2 BC.
Now it seems likely to be Sivadeva II, if at all, since his regnal dates in part overlap the radiocarbon dates, 690-890, assigned to some of the carvings within .
In sections on extra-biblical material, Kings and First Isaiah, and Chronicles he discusses regnal years and lineage, the Kingdom of Judah, Sennacherib's third campaign, the religious reform, the relationship between Second Kings 18:13-20:19 and Isaiah 36-39, the messianic oracles in First Isaiah, the historical reliability of Second Chronicles 29-30 and 31-32, and Hezekiah as a second David/Solomon.
practice of regnal dating, a practice that dates back at least to Roman
Looking for what radical reformer Martin Bucer called an ever "fuller acceptance and reestablishment of the Kingdom of Christ in [the] realm" English Puritans wanted the state governed by the edicts not simply of common and regnal law, but of Scripture, blurring the traditional line between state and canon law present in medieval thought (175).
16) Although the "official" regnal date of Sultan Mohammad, Brunei's first Sultan of Brunet, is from 1363 to 1402, based on "external evidence," the first six Sultans actually ruled from 14141415 to 1578 (Saunders.
Proving himself more of a philosopher and thinker than his forebears, Amenotep IV changed his name to Akhenaten (Servant of Aten) in his 5th or 6th regnal year, and started closing the temples of Amun and prosecuting its priesthood.