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1. Tending to return or revert to a previous state.
2. Characterized by regression or a tendency to regress.
3. Relating to or being a tax that amounts to a higher percentage of income as income decreases or that places a proportionately higher burden on lower-income taxpayers.
4. Of or relating to geological regression.

re·gres′sive·ly adv.
re·gres′sive·ness n.
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He moves to a similar argument regarding Frank Chin's Donald Duk: "Not only is their [Tan's Joy Luck Club and Chin's Donald Duk] appeal to blood heritage and ancestral subconscious regressively feudal and anti-democratic, most important, it mystifies the very process of cultural reproduction and brings Asian American subjectivity to a historical standstill" (p.
Without placing him back into "the happier and simpler world of his own youth" (Moorman, Later Years viii) and without pushing him regressively into the kind of eighteenth-century nature poetry as he himself used to write before 1793, such a movement "Conducted [him] again to open day, / Revived the feelings of [his] earlier life, / Gave [him] that strength and knowledge full of peace, / Enlarged, and never more to be disturbed" (Prelude X.
11) Rejecting the a priori/a posteriori dichotomy enables Hegel to argue regressively for historical as well as social and other factual conditions as necessary conditions of self-conscious experience.
Navarro's attack on the "medicalization" critique relates to how it may be used regressively in policy arenas.
As we have seen, adolescents often regressively revisit and "act out" the unresolved rapprochement crisis of year two.
Chit Roces of Winner Foundation said: 'Here's one park already in existence for decades that is now in danger of being transformed regressively.
The same applies to corporate welfare in the form of government subsidies to business: they redistribute wealth regressively.
Sartre, moreover, sees determinism (Freudian or otherwise) as regressively reintroducing "in us the absolute positivity of Being-in-itself and thereby reinstat[ing] us at the heart of being" (40).
Cotton provides the raw material base for the textile sector, whose share in national exports has regressively increased from 56% to 60% during the last two years.
Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) related lymphadenopathy has definite patterns like florid reactive hyperplasia, folliculosis, explosive follicular hyperplasia, advanced lymphocytic depletion with or without abnormal regressively transformed germinal centres and vascular transformation.
The regressive taxation policy pursuing by the government needs to set correction in the policy direction, as more indirect taxes are heavily relied upon by the government and regressively applied as opposed to progressive taxation policies.