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Full of regret; sorrowful or sorry.

re·gret′ful·ly adv.
re·gret′ful·ness n.


(rɪˈgrɛt fəl)

full of regret; sorrowful because of what is lost, gone, or done.
re•gret′ful•ly, adv.
re•gret′ful•ness, n.
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Adj.1.regretful - feeling or expressing regret or sorrow or a sense of loss over something done or undoneregretful - feeling or expressing regret or sorrow or a sense of loss over something done or undone; "felt regretful over his vanished youth"; "regretful over mistakes she had made"; "he felt bad about breaking the vase"
penitent, repentant - feeling or expressing remorse for misdeeds
unregretful, unregretting - feeling no regret; "was completely unregretful about what had happened"


adjective sorry, disappointed, sad, ashamed, apologetic, mournful, rueful, contrite, sorrowful, repentant, remorseful, penitent He gave a regretful smile.
Usage: Regretful and regretfully are sometimes wrongly used where regrettable and regrettably are meant. A simple way of making the distinction is that when you regret something YOU have done, you are regretful: he gave a regretful smile; he smiled regretfully. In contrast, when you are sorry about an occurrence you did not yourself cause, you view the occurrence as regrettable: this is a regrettable (not regretful) mistake; regrettably (not regretfully, i.e. because of circumstances beyond my control) I shall be unable to attend.


1. Expressing or inclined to express an apology:
2. Feeling or expressing regret for one's sins or misdeeds:
نادِم، آسِفٌ على
fuld af beklagelse
hryggur; fullur eftirsjár


[rɪˈgretfʊl] ADJarrepentido, pesaroso
to be regretful thatlamentar que + subjun
he was most regretful about itlo lamentó profundamente
we are not regretful about leavingno nos pesa tener que partir


adj look, attitudebedauernd attr; he was extremely regretful (about it)es tat ihm sehr leid, er bedauerte es sehr; it is regretful that …es ist bedauerlich, dass …


[rɪˈgrɛtfʊl] adj (person) → spiacente, dispiaciuto/a; (look) → dispiaciuto/a


(rəˈgret) past tense, past participle reˈgretted verb
to be sorry about. I regret my foolish behaviour; I regret that I missed the concert; I regret missing the concert; I regret to inform you that your application for the job was unsuccessful.
a feeling of sorrow, or of having done something wrong. I have no regrets / I feel no regret about what I did; It was with deep regret that I heard the news of his death.
reˈgretful adjective
feeling regret.
reˈgretfully adverb
with regret. Regretfully, we have had to turn down your offer.
reˈgrettable adjective
a regrettable mistake.
reˈgrettably adverb

regrettable is spelt with two ts.
References in classic literature ?
But they've been very scarce for a few years and we usually have to be content with elephants or buffaloes," answered the creature, in a regretful tone.
Thereupon followed various and unpleasant consequences of a physical order - "queer symptoms," as the captain, who treated them, used to say; inexplicable periods of powerlessness, sudden accesses of mysterious pain; and the patient agreed fully with the regretful mutters of his very attentive captain wishing that it had been a straightforward broken leg.
she said, evidently afraid of her master and yet regretful of her cloak.
I was also very thirsty, and bitterly regretful I had drunk no more water.
And it had, in those dreams, always been very romantic and beautiful: and the "some one" was to be very handsome and dark-eyed and distinguished-looking and eloquent, whether he were Prince Charming to be enraptured with "yes," or one to whom a regretful, beautifully worded, but hopeless refusal must be given.
She passed away into the inner room with a little farewell gesture tender and regretful.
But the constant presence of her mother's regretful bewilderment was less painful to Maggie than that of her father's sullen, incommunicative depression.
I reckon I ain't dressed fitten for a pirate," said he, with a regretful pathos in his voice; "but I ain't got none but these.
The youth, turning swiftly to make sure that the rear was unmolested, saw the com- mander regarding his men in a highly regretful manner, as if he regretted above everything his association with them.
At this juncture a squire entered to say that Shandy's presence was required at the gates, and that worthy, with a sorrowing and regretful glance at the unemptied flagon, left the room.
And Amy, in her exile, longed eagerly to be at home, that she might work for Beth, feeling now that no service would be hard or irksome, and remembering, with regretful grief, how many neglected tasks those willing hands had done for her.
She peeped from the window into the garden, and felt herself more regretful at leaving this spot of black earth, vitiated with such an age-long growth of weeds, than joyful at the idea of again scenting her pine forests and fresh clover-fields.