regular hexagon

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Noun1.Regular hexagon - a hexagon with six sides of equal lengthregular hexagon - a hexagon with six sides of equal length
hexagon - a six-sided polygon
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Instead of making use of the square or rectangle, as has been done to this time, you will suppose your place inclosed in a regular hexagon, this polygon having the advantage of offering more angles than the quadrilateral one.
le Vicomte de Chagny and I were imprisoned was a regular hexagon, lined entirely with mirrors.
Taking the hexagon convex hull of tree frog and katydid's foot pads as prototype, considering the difficulty of modeling and the feasibility of manufacturing, the shape of single convex hull was simplified to be standard regular hexagon.
If you fold along PQRSTU you have a regular hexagon.
Just as the six pennies in dimension two sit at the comers of a regular hexagon, the 12 balls in dimension three also sit at the corners of a regular shape: an icosahedron, which has 20 triangular sides.