regulatory agency

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Noun1.regulatory agency - a governmental agency that regulates businesses in the public interest
administrative body, administrative unit - a unit with administrative responsibilities
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Furthermore, a regulatory agency may be entrusted with decision-making power within the limits mentioned below.
NASDAQ: TARO) has reported that Taro Pharmaceuticals (UK) Limited (Taro UK), its affiliate in the United Kingdom, has been granted a marketing authorization for Etopan XL Tablets 600 mg, Etodolac (Etopan XL) by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, the UK equivalent of the U.
We focused on articles that discussed or commented on the regulatory activities of the agencies; articles that merely mentioned the regulatory agency were eliminated.
Forensic investigators also assist companies with corporate investigations either required by a regulatory agency or separately by the board of directors"
06] to clarify that the Public Company, Accounting Oversight Board would be considered a regulatory agency for purposes of this interpretation.

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