regulatory authority

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Noun1.regulatory authority - a governmental agency that regulates businesses in the public interest
administrative body, administrative unit - a unit with administrative responsibilities
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ISLAMABAD:A bill for establishment of the Islamabad Healthcare Regulatory Authority (The Islamabad Healthcare Regulation Bill, 2017) was introduced in the National Assembly here on Friday.
The MoU was signed by Mr Michael Ryan, Chief Executive Officer of the QFC Regulatory Authority and HE Dr Nayef Al-Hajraf, Chairman, Board of Commissioners and Managing Director of the Capital Markets Authority.
The regulatory Authority shall regulate, monitor and control the transplantation of human organs and various committees constituted under the act.
In the MOU, Bedaya will help one-to-one advisory sessions with QFC Regulatory Authority for those who utilize Bedaya s career guidance tools and will likewise take part in parents awareness sessions organized by Bedaya.
According to QFCRA, this action was taken because "Deane provided false and misleading information" to the QFC Regulatory Authority.
The move comes following the approval by the board of the QFC Regulatory Authority.
These unions, she added, could propose personalities non-represented in them, while the regulatory authority of written press should be represented by union and independent members.
Gerard Schneider, one of Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Frankfurt Commissioners, stated that the publication of this concluding internet policy is an expansion of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Frankfurt commitment of adjusting to its regulatory approaches to the new challenges of the up-and-coming technology, particularly in the area of electronic commerce.
The Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) Regulatory Authority has announced the appointment of a COO.
Dubai Maritime City, DMC, will act as the new regulatory authority for maritime activities in the emirate, according to a new law issued by Sheikh Maktoum, the Gulf News reported Wednesday.
As the Board stated in 1991 in support of FBSEA, fraud is very hard for any regulatory authority to detect, especially when bank employees actively conspire to prevent official scrutiny.
The statute grants the Treasury Department regulatory authority to deal with debt issued by "issuers other than C corporations" (e.

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