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Noun1.reharmonization - a piece of music whose original harmony has been revised
harmonisation, harmonization - a piece of harmonized music
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The way "after," "here" and "there" shift valence and meaning is akin to the ways that composers use suspension and reharmonization to shift the context, and thereby the meaning, of held notes and phrases.
Composers accomplish this primarily by embellishing the important melodic notes in varying ways, changing dynamics, reharmonization, and changing the accompaniment, either with different numbers of accompanying instruments or with the accompanying figures (for example, mm.
To posit the human or the human community as existing logically or existentially prior to anonymous systems or economics, or as emerging from a presystematic or preeconomic realm and seeking some dialectical overcoming of those realms to attain disalienation and reharmonization, plays out a version of Saint Paul's model: as the telos of Paul's community of believers, and via Paul's anticipation of the Hegelian Aufhebung, organic unity would reconvene at a higher level the Edenic state lost by the fall into law, sin, and death.