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n. Law
A second hearing of a case or a second argument of a motion or appeal after a decision has been rendered, usually requested as a result of a defect in the decision, such as a mistake about the facts or governing law.


a second or further hearing by the same court of law


(riˈhɪər ɪŋ)

a second presentation of the evidence and arguments of a case before the court of original presentation.
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Noun1.rehearing - the act of hearing again
listening, hearing - the act of hearing attentively; "you can learn a lot by just listening"; "they make good music--you should give them a hearing"
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Launching a series of high-profile rehearings would also incur significant costs and place a heavy burden on an under-fire disciplinary system in a state of flux, being the subject of a review by a leading QC.
In theory, yes, all seven could be sent for a rehearing if ordered by the court or arbitrator.
Because the balance of considerations bearing on the propriety of allowing rehearing tips somewhat differently according to the circumstances, Part III then divides rehearings into three different categories and evaluates the soundness of the Court's practices in each category.
Tardy rehearings sacrifice it much more, which is one reason they are especially controversial.
To answer these questions, it is useful to begin by dividing up rehearings into distinct categories.
One might initially think that resurrection rehearings cannot plausibly be blamed on any sort of defect in the Court's case management procedures: After all, no case presenting related issues had been granted or decided when the petition was denied, so there was no occasion for a GVR or hold.
En banc hearings and rehearings shall not be ordered unless the case is of exceptional importance or unless necessary to maintain uniformity in the court's decisions.
Subdivision (c)(3) is intended to prevent baseless motions for en banc rehearings from absorbing excessive judicial time and labor.
A rehearing en banc may be ordered by a district court of appeal on its own motion or on motion of a party.
Invariably, the disappointed client asks if anything can be done to fix the situation, and motions for rehearing on appeal are discussed.
Although the primary focus will be on motions for rehearing in Florida's state appellate courts, petitions for rehearing in the U.
In Florida's state appellate courts, motions for rehearing are governed by Fla.