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tr.v. re·hy·drat·ed, re·hy·drat·ing, re·hy·drates
1. To cause (something dehydrated) to take up fluid.
2. To replenish the body fluids of.

re′hy·dra′tion n.


the process of taking in or absorbing fluid after dehydration


n. rehidratación, restablecimiento del balance hídrico del cuerpo.


n rehidratación f
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With careful attention to adequate oral rehydration and judicious re-feeding, acute infective diarrhoea should not be a frightening condition to caregivers.
The aquatic amphibian had got in through the office's revolving doors and was in a bad way and in urgent need of rehydration.
Advice: A sports drink containing sugar and salt (it's very easy to make your own rehydration drink) can help ease some of the symptoms.
Sanitation messages include the importance of using latrines and night soil disposal for example; food safety messages include heating up stored food properly; and rehydration therapy to treat diarrhoea includes a demonstration on how to prepare the rehydration solution WSS (water-salt-flour solution) in the absence of ORS (oral rehydration salts).
Since the 1960s, the standard of care for childhood diarrhea in the developing world has been the World Health Organization's formulation of rehydration solution, a glucose-based, high-sodium liquid that is administered orally.
Oral rehydration therapy is the cornerstone of fluid replacement and the new low-osmolarity formula of oral rehydration salts (ORS) is a simple, inexpensive and life-saving remedy that prevents dehydration in children suffering diarrhoea.
To test for rehydration, coated and dried strawberry pieces were weighed, then put into milk, then weighed again.
Four readers will win three cases of The Juice Doctor Hydration Fix drinks, which are made from a natural blend of fruit juice, spring water, vitamins and minerals that aid rapid rehydration.
Today I've begun a project to deliver awareness and rehydration to labourers, fishermen, and others who work outside in the sun.
They said: "It is concluded there is little direct clinical data to answer our question but many scientific analyses demonstrating the inappropriateness of non-physiological liquids for the treatment of acute gastroenteritis in children compared with physiologically-based oral rehydration solutions.
Parents in resource-rich countries are not being empowered to use oral rehydration therapy (ORT) effectively, conclude two UK paediatricians.
Rehydration drinks such as Gatorade and body mass-promoting drinks with soy protein may have to moooove over in favor of good old-fashioned cow's milk.