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 (rīks′märk′, rīKHs′-)
n. pl. reichsmark or reichs·marks
A German unit of currency from 1925 to 1948.

[German : Reichs, genitive of Reich, realm (from Middle High German rīch, from Old High German rīchi; see reg- in Indo-European roots) + Mark, unit of currency (from Middle High German marke; see mark2).]


(ˈraɪksˌmɑːk; German ˈraiçsmark)
n, pl -marks or -mark
(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Germany between 1924 and 1948, divided into 100 Reichspfennigs


(ˈraɪksˌmɑrk, ˈraɪxs-)

n., pl. -marks, -mark.
the monetary unit of Germany from November 1924 until 1948.
[1870–75; < German: Reich mark]
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Upon his retirement, Hitler awarded Schlegelberger a bonus of 100,000 Reichsmarks, a considerable sum of money.
3) As a result, German expenditures of foreign exchange for petroleum imports almost doubled during the first half of the Third Reich, from 129,800,000 Reichsmarks (RM) in 1933 to 230,000,000 RM in 1939.
In 1942, the occupying Nazi regime forced the Greek Central Bank to loan Nazi Germany Reichsmarks 476m at 0% interest.
99) EX-NAVY captain Robinson (Jude Law, right) is drawn into the hunt for a downed German U-boat, which sank during World War II with a cargo of gold bullion worth 80 million Reichsmarks.
Good friend Kurston (Daniel Ryan) has a cure for Robinson's woes: the location of a downed German U-boat, which sank during the Second World War with a cargo of gold bullion worth 80 million Reichsmarks.
At five million reichsmarks, it was the most expensive film released up to that point 1924 AMERICAN film and distribution company Columbia pictures was founded.
The Fuhrer's funny money was destined for a global audience - and it was needed: Reichsmarks were only accepted in Nazi occupied territories and Hitler's spies needed to grease palms abroad.
At its bestselling peak, his book Mein Kampf was earning him a million reichsmarks a year, worth nearly [euro]62million now.
e programme estimates that, by 1938, Hitler owed 400,000 Reichsmarks in tax, around PS1.
At its peak Mein Kampf earned him one million reichsmarks a year without paying a pfennig in tax.
Following his execution, his wife received a bill for 3,000 reichsmarks for the wear and tear on the guillotine.
But Athens argues that another loan of 476 million reichsmarks that the Greek National Bank was forced to issue during the war has never been repaid.