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tr.v. re·ject·ed, re·ject·ing, re·jects
a. To refuse to accept, submit to, believe, or make use of: He rejected their version of what happened. The store rejected the merchandise because it was damaged. See Synonyms at refuse1.
b. To refuse to consider or grant; deny: The manager rejected all requests for time off. The college rejected the student's application.
a. To turn down (an applicant, as for a job); refuse to accept.
b. To refuse to accept (someone) as a lover, spouse, or friend; rebuff.
c. To refuse to give sufficient parental affection or care to (a child or young animal).
3. To spit out or vomit: The baby rejected the medicine.
4. Medicine To react to the introduction of (a transplanted organ or tissue) with a destructive immune response; fail to accept as part of one's own body.
n. (rē′jĕkt)
1. One that has been rejected: a reject from the varsity team; a tire that is a reject.
2. Slang A foolish or socially inept person.

[Middle English rejecten, from Latin rēicere, rēiect- : re-, re- + iacere, to throw; see yē- in Indo-European roots.]

re·ject′er, re·jec′tor n.
re·jec′tion (-jĕk′shən) adj.
re·jec′tive adj.
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Rejecter satisfaction is based on five factors: salesperson (21%); fairness of price (8%); experience negotiating (8%); facility (7%); and variety of inventory (7%).
The system's servo-cam rejecter will gently redirect any non-conforming container from the production stream without damage or spillage.
Tenders are invited for Design, supply, testing and commissioning of rejecter filter for 200 kw mw am-drm transmitter at air nangli, delhi.
When courtship persistence becomes intrusive pursuit: Comparing rejecter and pursuer perspectives of unrequited attraction.
Notwithstanding Facebook turning him down, he along with Koum, his Yahoo colleague went on to create WhatsApp that was sold to his rejecter.
A model for simulating the performance of a pavement heating system as a supplemental heat rejecter with closed-loop ground-source heat pump systems, Journal of Solar Energy Engineering 122(4): 183-191.
In this paper, a new approach is presented where the supplementary heat rejecter is replaced by a PCM-sand ring around a regular grouted borehole.
Erasmus of Rotterdam, an influential humanist and rejecter of war, regarded the Ottoman Turks as barbarians and monstrous beasts, and thus approved of war against them.
The funny irony that one is now unable to ignore is how Israel is crying wolf to an imaginary nuclear Iran, whereas to this day Israel is a persistent rejecter of any efforts to make it become a party to any international convention on nuclear armaments or even nuclear power and has been a strong backer of Indian nuclear attainment.
And to our disappointment, and the International communityAAEs as well, Israel has always proved to be the rejecter of peace efforts, as it has consistently refused to abide by international conventions and resolutions, and even to carry out its commitment towards the occupied land.
If Jones makes a poorly thought-out choice to play Russian roulette, even though he is not suicidal and even though this foolish risk may destroy his otherwise rational life, a rejecter of the "dispositional view" of agency holds that the whim better expresses Jones's good than do the settled preferences and values he has developed over time.
In addition, rejected helpers regarded the recipient as being too defensive in viewing the offer of help, felt that the recipient had not realized the importance of accepting help, and devalued the rejecter to a greater extent than they did to the self(Cheuk & Rosen, 1993, 1996).