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tr.v. re·jig·gered, re·jig·ger·ing, re·jig·gers Informal
To readjust or rearrange.


(riˈdʒɪg ər)

to change or rearrange.
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Of course, teams needed to clear salary-cap space or rejigger their ledgers to make it work, and they'll still be doing so for months.
Rising costs and project complexities forced the city and the Timberwolves to rejigger the schedule, tweak the plans and dig deeper into their pockets.
Cities that host VW's production facilities must also rejigger their budgets as VW pays fewer taxes.
The findings suggest advisory firms may need to rejigger their training programs to meet potential clients' keener requirements.
A-B might have to rejigger the business to a lesser extent to meet antitrust concerns in other markets as well, since the combined ABI/SAB would control 30% of beer volume in the world.
Other keys to getting us off oil and coal by 2050 include transforming how we design and use vehicles, and getting Fortune 500 corporations to rejigger their energy supply chains to facilitate procurement of more renewable energy.
Those changes were further heightened by the persistent low interest environment, which forced carriers to rejigger their products even more, McCarthy noted in an interview.
Record enrollments and other areas of growth allowed Converse to rejigger its operating budget to reduce tuition, and the school expects the lower tuition to pay off by increasing enrollment and attracting students who otherwise wouldn't have been able to afford the school.
But in the fervor to improve the system, there are bound to be miscalculations, and when what seems like a grand idea turns out to be laden with unexpected, unwelcome consequences, we've got to have the flexibility to rejigger the details.
We would get by, of course, but we'd have to rejigger investments to make more cash available, and we don't want to do that.
The two men left the firm in May, following BNY Mellon s move to rejigger its fund of hedge funds business.
It's hard to see how Petraeus can rejigger the pieces of this puzzle, but as I've heard him say: "The thing about winners is that they know how to win.