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tr.v. re·jig·gered, re·jig·ger·ing, re·jig·gers Informal
To readjust or rearrange.


(riˈdʒɪg ər)

to change or rearrange.
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We rejiggered our business plan to something more feasible and started asking friends and family for money.
Fyffes continues to use a game plan of trying to hoodwink Chiquita investors with ongoing rejiggered information, ranging from suddenly found cost savings to "illustrative" stock price valuations to rescrambled combination terms.
So here I've rejiggered the traditional recipe in ways that simultaneously slim it down and bulk it up.
One classic wine country experience--a formal farm-to-table dinner at a Michelin-kissed restaurant--is being rejiggered.
Steven Milunovich told the Street Insider, "We have rejiggered conservative assumptions in our detailed product model for the expected midrange iPhone 5C.
P&G's business model has always been to focus on innovation, but megatrends like the changing consumer and the shift in global power have rejiggered the way people shop around the world.
Netanyahu offered only a grudging acknowledgement of the rejiggered Arab Peace Initiative in April.
The big question is whether that movement can be rejiggered to push something positive forward.
David Dewhurst rejiggered the Senate's levers of power Thursday with some changes that could be viewed as a conciliatory gesture to some of those conservative critics.
If the specific pieces often boiled down to vehicles for low-ambition, knowingly schlocky gags--a biology lab set up to grow poppies for the cultivation of opium on Mars rejiggered, "due to federal law restrictions," to produce " 'soapium,' a Dial soap-based substitute"; a Winnebago RV fashioned into a "mobile quarantine facility" for returning astronauts, stocked with copious amounts of top-shelf booze--the conceptual coup de grace of the larger project was the way it cheerfully strong-armed visitors into playing along with its central conceit.
As a result of that process, you've rejiggered the brands a bit .
But in November 2006, before A&M released its rejiggered busing plan, the City Council's education committee released a report that raised issues with the A&M contract itself, namely the salaries paid to its top consultants ($450 per hour) and outrageous expense reports (an estimated $1.