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v. re·joiced, re·joic·ing, re·joic·es
To feel joyful; be delighted: rejoiced at the news; rejoiced in her friend's good fortune.
1. To feel joyful about (something): rejoiced that the ship reached land.
2. Archaic To fill with joy; gladden.
Phrasal Verb:
rejoice in
To have or possess: rejoices in a keen mind.

[Middle English rejoicen, from Old French rejoir, rejoiss- : re-, re- + joir, to be joyful (from Vulgar Latin *gaudīre, from Latin gaudēre; see gāu- in Indo-European roots).]

re·joic′er n.
References in classic literature ?
With the creators, the reapers, and the rejoicers will I associate: the rainbow will I show them, and all the stairs to the Superman.
Liu Ch'e" The rustling of the silk is discontinued, Dust drifts over the court-yard, There's no sound of foot-fall, and the leaves Scurry into heaps and lie still, And she the rejoicer of the heart is beneath them: A wet leaf that clings to the threshold.
Rejoicer disposable liners and specialized pants target a very broad consumer range, yet need only about 17 inches of shelf space when merchandised in the new Rejoicer rack, says Schreter.