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1. Being connected; associated.
2. Connected by kinship, common origin, or marriage.
3. Music Having a close harmonic connection.

re·lat′ed·ly adv.
re·lat′ed·ness n.


in a related manner
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Relatedly, Gallup recently found that 75% of Americans perceive corruption to be widespread in the government in general.
Relatedly, TEI recommends that the phrase "provides full details of its ex ante projections" in section 1 of paragraph 14 be amended to read "provides significant details of its ex ante projections" to decrease the compliance burden on taxpayers and to avoid inundating tax authorities with minor and insignificant details.
Separately, but relatedly, I gather that the North East's fifteen-year "Case for Culture" plan has been launched and rests its hopes on the continued existence of the North East Cultural Partnership.
Turbulence remains due, and the local markets in the GCC at present are understandably cautious in their movements, lacking confidence both in the international scene and relatedly in the prospect for significantly higher oil prices that would spur the region's indexes.
Hirschler's argument that the early Middle Period (fifth/eleventh century) witnessed a movement of textualization, as seen in al-Khatib al-Baghdadi's Taqyid al-cilm, in which al-Khatib seeks to overcome a prejudice against writing, is slightly misleading: al-Khatib's argument was primarily concerned with the question of writing hadith and, relatedly, his attempt to convince the radical wing of ahi al-hadith of the virtues of writing.
Relatedly, the lawmaker said in a study conducted by the Philippine Institute for Development Studies, data showed that while the goal was to plant 600 million seedlings between 2011 and 2013, the National Greening Program was only able to plant 397.
Second, and relatedly, Botwinick's dual expertise in the history of Western philosophy and in Jewish religious thought allows him to compare Levinas's insights, in equal measure, to Plato and Maimonides, Rabbi Akiva and Machiavelli, Rawls and Rashi, among many others.
Relatedly, bank directors should pay careful attention to the compensation of its management and lenders.
Relatedly, questions of power and inequality within and between communities are bracketed.
relatedly, popchips will upgrade its social media presence to further activate and extend the new campaign content.
Relatedly, while twenty-somethings may be known as "the invincibles,'' when it comes to considering the Affordable Care Act, the fact is no one is indestructible.
Incumbent political officeholders know that one of the most important factors that voters use to judge them is the state of the economy (and, relatedly, the voters' own economic well-being).