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1. Of or arising from kinship.
2. Indicating or constituting relation.
3. Grammar Of, relating to, or being a word or particle, such as a conjunction or preposition, that expresses a syntactic relation between elements in a phrase or sentence.

re·la′tion·al·ly adv.


1. (Grammar) grammar indicating or expressing syntactic relation, as for example the case endings in Latin
2. having relation or being related
3. (Computer Science) computing based on data stored in a tabular form: a relational database.


(rɪˈleɪ ʃə nl)

1. of or pertaining to relations.
2. indicating or specifying some relation.
3. (of a word) serving to indicate relations between elements in a sentence, as a preposition (contrasted with notional).
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Adj.1.relational - having a relation or being related
relative, comparative - estimated by comparison; not absolute or complete; "a relative stranger"


[rɪˈleɪʃənl] ADJrelacional


adjrelational; relational database (Comput) → relationale Datenbank
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Relational Theory for Clinical Practice, 2nd Edition
FAR TOO OFTEN, someone will start out complaining about why relational theory is a problem, is insufficient, is just plain wrong, whatever.
Since the early 1990s, relational aggression has emerged as a major thematic concern in social contexts.
He focuses on relational database theory, applied as multi-relational data mining (MRDM).
5, a market leader and award winning Dynamic Object to Relational Mapping(TM) tool shipping since 1997, increases performance to twice that of raw JDBC for applications using Dynamic POJO Data Persistence(TM) without caching or other tricks.
Not "Traffic," the exhibition curated by Bourriaud at the capcMusee d'Art Contemporain Bordeaux in 1996 that is considered the ground zero of relational aesthetics, but traffic--the complex mix of persons and vehicles typically found in urban centers--and the way its interactions reflect the values a community places on group dynamics and self-determination.
A relational database manager allows records to be connected to data in other databases.
5--Service Release 6, the market leader and award winning Dynamic Object to Relational Mapping tool with IBM's DB2 UDB Version 8.
Surprisingly, relational aggression is a term that has only been used in the past decade to describe behavior that children have engaged in for generations.
However, unlike traditional archiving, active archiving is a proven technology that safely archives and removes nonessential data from complex relational databases with 100 percent accuracy.
RFL and RFL-A factors link to a relational worldview common to most American Indian people.
This article reviews the special retention problems of electronic records; describes how the functional, relational retention methodology works; and identifies specifications for successfully applying this methodology in electronic recordkeeping systems.

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