relational database

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relational database

A database system in which any field can be a component of more than one of the database's tables.

rela′tional da′tabase

an electronic database comprising multiple files of related information, usu. stored in tables of rows (records) and columns (fields), and allowing a link to be established between separate files that have a matching field, as a column of invoice numbers, so that the two files can be queried simultaneously by the user.
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Noun1.relational database - a database in which relations between information items are explicitly specified as accessible attributes; "in a relational database the data are organized as a number of differently sized tables"
computer database, electronic database, electronic information service, on-line database - (computer science) a database that can be accessed by computers
relační databáze
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With this addition, Genero customers can now take advantage of the first patented relational database management system (RDBMS) to take full advantage of the very latest microprocessor architectures.
A relational database manager allows records to be connected to data in other databases.
And you still need a relational database, which is inflexible.
2 relational database system including its' JDBC JCC Type 4 driver.
A relational database is middleware that links files together as required.
Information for Laos has been retrieved, incorporated into a relational database, and installed at the headquarters of the Lao National Unexploded Ordnance Program (UXO LAO) in the capital city of Vientiane.
Relational database software, however, easily stores and retrieves sets of related records within complex data sets, such as separate (but related) files about people, bank accounts, and their financial status.
20 /PRNewswire/ -- Two leading software vendors have announced products that implement Distributed Relational Database Architecture(A) (DRDA)(A), IBM's (NYSE: IBM) architecture for accessing distributed relational data, while others have announced their intention to deliver products that implement DRDA.
the UNIX operating system, Ingres Relational Database Manager, Structured Query Language (SQL), and X-Windows graphical user interface.
The fact that most applications today rely on relational database technology further complicates the challenge for testing organizations.
Although HSM is ideal for managing these types of data, the technology is poorly matched for managing relational database tables, which can be very large.
SeqStore supplies the necessary tools to integrate sequence data and annotation from a variety of sources within an institution's Oracle relational database.

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