relative incidence

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Noun1.relative incidence - the relative frequency of occurrence of something
relative frequency, frequency - the ratio of the number of observations in a statistical category to the total number of observations
morbidity - the relative incidence of a particular disease
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Relative incidence rate of MGU (110 patients) among male patients attending dermatology OPD and STI clinic (22,528 patients) was found to be 4.
The present study is conducted to study the relative incidence of various testicular tumors among different age groups and histomorphological patterns of testicular tumors at SNMC, Bagalkot, and peripheral centers, Bagalkot, one of the tertiary care centers in North Kamataka.
The study compares sex differences and relative incidence of various benign mass lesions of the nose and paranasal sinuses.
Conventional osteosarcoma, the most common primary bone tumor, showed a much higher relative incidence among the Chinese JST than the MC patients (50.
Rotarix had a relative incidence (relative risk) of 6.
There are several types of lymphoma with multicentric form being the most common in canines with relative incidence of 80-85% (Vail, 2000) and it is also most amenable to treatment.
The relative incidence of goat melioidosis was also high in western and eastern Thailand, regions where human melioidosis is not considered endemic.
After a median follow-up of 35 months, exemestane significantly reduced the relative incidence of invasive breast cancers by 65%, from 0.
Nonetheless, recent studies report a higher relative incidence of papillary carcinoma giving rise to bone metastases (4).
So the absolute number of newly registered MNT in NMMC is substantially less than in the field, despite the fact that the relative incidence rate for this population group is higher.
The trial' s primary objective was to measure the relative incidence and severity of neuropathy in the FOLPI regimen compared to the FOLFOX regimen.
If you account for the fact that most West Nile cases are concentrated in the summer months and in certain geographic areas, whereas herpes of course is year-round and not with any geographic predilection, in some of those areas the relative incidence of West Nile encephalitis over herpes simplex encephalitis is actually quite large," according to Dr.