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Adv.1.relativistically - by the theory of relativity; "this is relativistically impossible"
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Moreover, he adds, the fact that the merger produced such a massive, relativistically expanding fireball puts some constraints on the tidal deformations of the two neutron stars.
It will turn out to work relativistically, but for the present purposes the incremental momentum boost, (8), has only the restricted meaning of an incremental change dv in the velocity of a light source, the result of which is to add d[p.
A second (1 - [alpha])-Residual, which expresses a weaker-than-Proper Object: this is the Object as it is appreciated Relativistically by the same POV who entertains the Model Relationship with it.
The former thus has metaphysics mysteriously determining epistemology, while the latter has epistemology relativistically dictating metaphysics.
They believe that it is necessary to treat homogeneous fields relativistically in Einstein's theory of gravitation, and describe how to do it for manifolds with simply transitive isometry groups.
Plasma density channels stabilize propagation of relativistically intense laser pulses under the matched condition, preventing laser-plasma nonlinear instabilities, such as filamentation and hosing that often occur in the self-guiding.
As communion of difference, catholicity would allow us to face up to the current deterritorialized model of communion where differences appear to be relativistically approached.
If we insist on retaining Newtonian dynamics, and the Newtonian definitions of velocity and acceleration, then we can still obtain relativistically correct results if we pay the price of allowing the mass to depend on the velocity.
She can claim that relativism holds relativistically, i.
explains the current status of analytic hyperbolic geometry, which emerged from Einstein's addition of relativistically admissible velocities.
In the context of collaborative teaching, those college students who think relativistically may reject absolute and dualistic criteria which tends to result in choosing either of the two kinds of teachers as role models.

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