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rel·e·vant  (rl-vnt)
Having a bearing on or connection with the matter at hand.

[Medieval Latin relevns, relevant-, from Latin, present participle of relevre, to relieve, raise up; see relieve.]

rele·vant·ly adv.
Synonyms: relevant, pertinent, germane, material, apposite, apropos
These adjectives describe what relates to and has a direct bearing on the matter at hand. Something relevant is connected with a subject or issue: performed experiments relevant to her research.
Pertinent suggests a logical, precise relevance: assigned pertinent articles for the class to read.
Germane implies close kinship and appropriateness: "He asks questions that are germane and central to the issue" (Marlin Fitzwater).
Something material is not only relevant but also crucial to a matter: reiterated the material facts of the lawsuit.
Apposite implies a striking appropriateness and pertinence: used apposite verbal images in the paper.
Something apropos is both to the point and opportune: an apropos comment that concisely answered my question.

relevant (ˈrɛlɪvənt)
1. having direct bearing on the matter in hand; pertinent
2. (Phonetics & Phonology) linguistics another word for distinctive2
[C16: from Medieval Latin relevans, from Latin relevāre to lighten, from re- + levāre to raise, relieve]
ˈrelevance ˈrelevancy n ˈrelevantly adv
rel•e•vant (ˈrɛl ə vənt)

1. bearing upon the matter at hand; pertinent.
2. having practical value or applicability.
[1550–60; < Medieval Latin relevant-, s. of relevāns, present participle of relevāre to rebuild, Latin: to raise, lift up. See relieve, -ant]
rel′e•vance, rel′e•van•cy, n.
rel′e•vant•ly, adv.
syn: See apt.
pron: See irrelevant.
Thesaurus Legend:  Synonyms Related Words Antonyms
Adj.1.relevant - having a bearing on or connection with the subject at issue; "the scientist corresponds with colleagues in order to learn about matters relevant to her own research"
irrelevant - having no bearing on or connection with the subject at issue; "an irrelevant comment"; "irrelevant allegations"

relevant [ˈreləvənt] ADJ [information, facts, document, page] → pertinente
they had all the relevant information at their disposaltenían toda la información pertinente a su disposición
Shakespeare's plays are still relevant todaylas obras de Shakespeare tienen aún trascendencia hoy en día
he talked to the relevant officials to see what could be donehabló con los oficiales competentes para ver qué se podía hacer
applicants need a year's relevant experiencelos solicitantes necesitan tener un año de experiencia en el campo
relevant to: details relevant to this affairdetalles relacionados con or concernientes a este asunto
information which may be relevant to this caseinformación que puede ser relevante para este caso
that's not relevant to the caseeso no viene al caso
your question is not relevant to the issues we're discussingtu pregunta no guarda relación con lo que estamos discutiendo

relevant [ˈrɛləvənt] adj
(= pertinent, related) [information, fact, remark] → pertinent(e)
That's not relevant → Ce n'est pas pertinent.
The report omitted several relevant facts → Le rapport a omis plusieurs faits pertinents.
to be relevant to sth → être pertinent(e) par rapport à qch
Education should be relevant to real life → L'enseignement devrait être pertinente par rapport à la réalité quotidienne.
information which is relevant to the inquiry
BUT des informations qui sont pertinentes pour l'enquête.
to be relevant to sb → concerner qn
If you have children, this chapter is particularly relevant to you → Si vous avez des enfants, ce chapitre vous concerne particulièrement.
(= appropriate) → pertinent(e); [authorities, area] → concerné(e)
Make sure you read the relevant chapters → Assurez-vous de lire les chapitres pertinents.

adjrelevant (to für); information, document, page alsoentsprechend attr; course, study alsosachbezogen; authority, personzuständig; regulationmaßgeblich, entsprechend attr; time, placebetreffend; experienceerforderlich, entsprechend attr; that is not relevantdas ist nicht relevant; a course relevant to one’s studiesein studienbezogener Kurs; a curriculum which is relevant to all pupilsein Lehrplan, der für alle Schüler relevant ist; the police are looking for any relevant informationdie Polizei bittet um sachdienliche Hinweise; applicants for the job need three years’ relevant experienceBewerber für die Stelle benötigen drei Jahre entsprechende (Berufs)Erfahrung

relevant [ˈrɛləvənt] adj relevant (to) (remark, fact) → pertinente (a); (information, papers, chapter) → relativo/a (a); (course of action) → adeguato/a (a)

relevant (ˈreləvənt) adjective
connected with or saying something important about what is being spoken about or discussed. I don't think his remarks are relevant (to our discussion); Any relevant information should be given to the police.
ˈrelevance noun

relevant وَثِيقُ الصِّلَة بِ relevantní relevant relevant συναφής pertinente asiaan liittyvä pertinent relevantan pertinente 関連する 관계가 있는 relevant relevant odnośny relevante уместный relevant สำคัญ ilişkin có liên quan 有关的

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Seeing that his most gracious ruler was calm once more, Michaud also grew calm, but was not immediately ready to reply to the Emperor's direct and relevant question which required a direct answer.
Tom Tulliver, then, compared with many other British youths of his time who have since had to scramble through life with some fragments of more or less relevant knowledge, and a great deal of strictly relevant ignorance, was not so very unlucky.
Sometimes, in the truce we made with the text, he told a little story of his life at home, or some anecdote relevant to our reading, or quoted a passage from some other author.
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