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Noun1.religious ceremony - a ceremony having religious meaningreligious ceremony - a ceremony having religious meaning
ceremony - the proper or conventional behavior on some solemn occasion; "an inaugural ceremony"
love feast, agape - a religious meal shared as a sign of love and fellowship
religious rite, rite - an established ceremony prescribed by a religion; "the rite of baptism"
divine service, religious service, service - the act of public worship following prescribed rules; "the Sunday service"
sacrament - a formal religious ceremony conferring a specific grace on those who receive it; the two Protestant ceremonies are baptism and the Lord's Supper; in the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church there are seven traditional rites accepted as instituted by Jesus: baptism and confirmation and Holy Eucharist and penance and holy orders and matrimony and extreme unction
confirmation - a ceremony held in the synagogue (usually at Pentecost) to admit as adult members of the Jewish community young men and women who have successfully completed a course of study in Judaism
sanctification - a religious ceremony in which something is made holy
religious offering, Oblation - the act of offering the bread and wine of the Eucharist
inunction, unction - anointing as part of a religious ceremony or healing ritual
libation - the act of pouring a liquid offering (especially wine) as a religious ceremony
Mass - (Roman Catholic Church and Protestant Churches) the celebration of the Eucharist
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From these men I learnt that the multitude was on its way to a great religious ceremony, which was to take place on a hill at a little distance from Somnauth.
For my own part, although hardly a day passed while I remained upon the island that I did not witness some religious ceremony or other, it was very much like seeing a panel of 'Freemasons' making secret signs to each other; I saw everything, but could comprehend nothing.
At first, I imagine, they ate lion meat as a part of their religious ceremony but after many generations they came to crave it so that now it is practically the only flesh they eat.
Tyler now, as the master of the Toreador had married them the very day that the search-party had found them, though neither Lys nor Bowen would admit that any civil or religious ceremony could have rendered more sacred the bonds with which God had united them.
It is true that the architect was at a good deal of trouble to conceal the clock face, which would have destroyed the purity of the fine lines of the façade; but, on the other hand, we have that colonnade which circles round the edifice and under which, on days of high religious ceremony, the theories of the stock-brokers and the courtiers of commerce can be developed so majestically.
I accept the idea of a civil marriage by a registrar is one without religious ceremony but, in this day and age with aspirations of tolerance, can the inclusion of one such piece of music really be seen as using a religious ceremony?
It was held in a religious spot, but from our perspective, it wasn't really a religious ceremony," Uminski said.
Rabat - HRH Princess Lalla Meryem chaired, on Friday night at Rabat Assouna mosque, a religious ceremony to commemorate the 16th anniversary of the passing of late King Hassan II.
The French Embassy in Washington DC said that a religious ceremony has to be performed after a civil ceremony.
EVENTS 1956: Prince Rainier III of Monaco marries film actress Grace Kelly, above, in a religious ceremony at the Cathedral of Monaco.
A 26-year-old man from New South Wales in Sydney was arrested and locked behind bars after reportedly having sexual relations and "marrying" a 12-year-old child bride in a religious ceremony.
450 in 2012 and 229 had performed the sacred religious ceremony in 2013.

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