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Noun1.religious leader - leader of a religious orderreligious leader - leader of a religious order    
leader - a person who rules or guides or inspires others
religious person - a person who manifests devotion to a deity
ayatollah - a high-ranking Shiite religious leader who is regarded as an authority on religious law and its interpretation and who has political power as well
guru - a Hindu or Buddhist religious leader and spiritual teacher
Guru - each of the first ten leaders of the Sikh religion
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Mehmet GE[micro]rmez is not only the religious leader of Turkey.
If a religious leader orders the killing of innocent people in the name of religion, he ceases to be a faithful follower of his own religion.
NAJAF/ Aswat al-Iraq: Renowned religious leader Ali Sistani received today Iranian foreign minister Mohammed Jawad Zareef.
It's a clear trend in the direction of disapproval of religious leader involvement in politics," Chaves said.
Recent efforts to correct that trend in southern Afghanistan make it clear that a sustained, consistent, well-thought-out religious leader engagement program supports and advances the traditional components of counterinsurgency (security, development, and governance).
religious leader and his security guard and critically wounded his son, in the
It may take many years to become a religious leader because the role is often based on knowledge, experience and standing within the religion.
The Third religious leader was quite unique, she is Anandamurti Guruma.
How can it be work if Jesus relieves the suffering of a human being but not be deemed work if the religious leader cares for an animal on the same holy day?
HPWL, founded by Korean religious leader and world peace advocate Lee Manhee, is a private organization that engages political and religious leaders and the youth in talks and activities that will allow them to look beyond differences in culture, belief and region.
No religious leader in the world endorses the behavior of the Zionist regime towards the oppressed people of Palestine because religious leaders do not accept day-and-night attacks by opponents on an innocent nation," Archbishop of Tehran Sabo Sarkisian told FNA.
Meanwhile religious leader said if people around the world mention Islam with terror it would have very big harm to world peace.